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Metrix Lighting and Controls Inc. is a lighting agency that was founded in November 2020 to solve the modern challenges of industrial and site lighting specification. Lighting and controls technologies have continued to merge, and thus the type of service that Electrical Engineers require of agents has become more advanced. Metrix provides complete lighting and controls solutions for industrial and site lighting applications complemented by thorough photometric calculations and control designs.

John Kirstein (BEng, Founder/Principal) is a knowledgeable technical lighting sales representative who has sold commercial lighting and controls products at the specification, distribution, and end-user level since 2010. Years of consistent follow-through along with his cooperative nature has resulted in numerous specifiers choosing to work with him on some of their most sensitive projects. John’s clients appreciate his straightforward, thorough, consultative approach.

With a keen eye for detail, John is recognized for helping specifiers find the optimal solution for applications such as site lighting, natatoriums,


warehouses, manufacturing facilities, schools and large-scale retrofits. Along with his strong technical understanding of lighting and controls, he has a very broad knowledge of products available in the market along with their comparable alternates and relative value. Furthermore, he enjoys reviewing product samples with specifiers to demonstrate how they work, what their applications are, and what problems they solve.


Metrix covers Southern Ontario including Toronto, Hamilton, Niagara Falls, Kitchener-Waterloo, London, Windsor, and Kingston. For further questions regarding Metrix Lighting and Controls Inc., please reach out to John Kirstein at 289-834-4256 or

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